Product Information
Questions that are Frequently Asked before downloading or buying...

How much does it cost ?
instantAdmin costs $79. This is a one time fee - there are no extra charges.

Does technical support cost extra ?
No. Technical support is provided free of charge via this website's support section and via email:

How many customer, invoice and other records can it handle ?
Although designed for smaller businesses instantAdmin can still handle hundreds of thousands of customer records, invoices, purchases and other data. The only real limitations are the speed of your computer and the amount of space on your hard disk, which these days are rarely issues.

What sort of businesses is it suitable for?
instantAdmin is suitable for most small businesses, customers include Graphic Designers, Photographers, IT Companies, Musicians, Artists, Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians, Engineering Companies, Freelance Writers, Consultant Surgeons, Wine Merchants, Biotech Companies, Property Developers, Security Consultants, T-Shirt Printers and many more.

Will my data be saved after using instantAdmin in free trial mode ?
Yes - all data is saved so that you can continue without interruption after buying your activation code.

Does it run on my own computer or is it a web based service ?
instantAdmin is licensed to you to download and install on your own computer for a one time charge keeping all of your business data private and under your own control. Beware of companies offering web based products, why would you want to keep the most important part of your business - your customer and financial data, on someone else's web server ?!

Will it do my Tax Return for me?
instantAdmin will give you the figures necessary to base your end of year tax return on but doesn't actually calculate the tax for you. Since tax rules change year on year (and we don't want to force you to upgrade each year!) and every business is different, we leave that down to you. Unless your business is extremely simple we would always recommend getting a qualified accountant to give your figures a once over each year before completing your tax return.
Note: instantAdmin will calculate and break down sales and use taxes for you on a monthly basis.