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The 'Enter NEW Purchase/s' button on the top right of the main 'SUPPLIERS / PURCHASES' page allows you to enter purchases and costs: The 'Purchase/Cost' page allows you to quickly enter a purchase from ANY supplier regardless of which supplier was being viewed in the main 'SUPPLIERS / PURCHASES' section.

Click the 'Enter NEW Purchase/s' button now - the 'Purchase / Cost' page is displayed.

On the Purchase/Cost page you select the supplier from a pop-up menu and the supplier's details are automatically entered for you. This is useful for entering multiple purchases from multiple suppliers quickly.

Supplier: Select the supplier from the supplier pop-up menu (with the downward pointing arrow). If you need to add a new supplier at this point you can do so by clicking the 'New >' button, when finished you'll be taken back to the purchase entry.

Category: The purchase Category is then automatically filled with the default category entered when you setup the supplier's details initially. If this category doesn't fit this particular purchase then select a different one from the pop-up category menu. It's important to categorise your purchases as you go so that you can get a breakdown on where your money's going in the Overview's 'Cost Analysis' section, this is also important for your end of year tax return. It would take you ages to do this retrospectively!

The categories are completely customizable and you can enter up to 34 categories in total click on the ‘Modify >’ button to add new ones. Categories can also be altered by clicking the circular arrow button to the left of the ‘Category’ field on the main suppliers page.

IMPORTANT: It is worth giving a lot of thought to your purchase categories before entering lots of purchases especially if you want them in a particular order since changing the order in the list would also involve manually swapping the names on any existing purchases set to those category numbers.

Purchase ID: Each purchase is numbered sequentially for your own records. Purchase ID’s are modifiable and are automatically set to the next highest available number. instantAdmin will tell you if the number is already being used by an existing purchase.

Invoice Number: Enter the invoice/receipt number (if you have one) for this purchase.

Description: Enter a brief description of the purchase, this will help when finding/selecting purchases from the list view.

Date of Purchase: This defaults to today's date so modify if necessary. You can change the date by clicking on the small calendar icon to the right of the date and select from the calendar or alternatively just type the date in directly.

Note: When changing the month or year on the calendar make sure you follow this by clicking on a day even if the correct day is highlighted otherwise the date in the date field won’t change.

Payment Due: If you haven't paid for it yet then select the number of days credit you've been given from the pop-up menu.

NET / Sales Tax / TOTAL: Enter the amount paid here. If you have not been charged any Sales Tax on the purchase then you only need enter the 'TOTAL' figure. It is important that you enter all three figures if there has been any Sales Tax charged as this might prove useful when viewing the breakdowns in the 'Overview' section.

If this purchase has already been paid for in full then click the 'Paid in Full' button (see 'Entering Payments...' on the next page).

Suppliers Payment Details: Click on the Tab to view.

The supplier's details are listed underneath the purchase to make life easier when making a payment. The arrow next to 'Web Site' will take you straight to the suppliers web site (assuming you've already entered their web site details in the main section), you can modify these details here and the changes will be reflected on the main supplier pages and vice versa.

Cancel Purchase: This button cancels the single purchase currently being viewed.

Purchase Notes: You can enter any notes relating to this particular purchase by clicking the 'Purchase Notes' Tab underneath the purchase details. This is useful for logging any conversations you have with this supplier.

Tip: You can enter the current date or time into any text box throughout instantAdmin using the 'Insert' menu in the main menu bar at the top of the screen.

NEXT New Purchase:
To confirm this purchase and enter a new purchase from any supplier click 'NEXT New Purchase'.

FINISH New Purchases: To finish entering purchases click the 'FINISH New Purchases' button, you are then taken to the list view where all purchases just entered are listed. Click 'Back' to return to the main Suppliers / Purchases page.

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