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Click the 'New Supplier' button then enter the suppliers details along with your primary contact for this supplier (you can add further contacts for this supplier afterwards).

Note: If the supplier is an individual then their name must be entered as both the supplier name and the contact name (the name will only appear once on documents).

Tip: When adding contact details you can cut and paste from another application if you already have them stored elsewhere, however when doing this you might also copy across unwanted text formatting; to correct this there is a 'Cleanup Text' feature which is listed in the main application 'Edit' menu; simply select it from the menu and all text relating to the current supplier is then "cleaned-up".

'Account No.' - This is the account number that you have with this supplier i.e. the account number given to you when you opened an account with them.

Setting the Status: Supplier Status has three settings...

'Active' which is the default indicates all is well and that correspondence is expected if the supplier is included in a mailing list.

'Problem' - select this if your account with this supplier is in dispute for financial or legal reasons and you no longer wish to do business with them until the dispute is settled. Suppliers with a 'Problem' status will not be included in any bulk mailings.

'Inactive' - this indicates that you don't currently have a business relationship with the supplier. Suppliers with an 'Inactive' status will not be included in any bulk mailings.

Selecting a Category: Suppliers are given a default category in order to make entering new purchase details quicker; each purchase entered must be given a category so that you can get a breakdown on where your money's going in the Overview's 'Cost Analysis' section. Entering a default here saves you entering it for each purchase. Of course different purchases from the same supplier might fall under different categories which is why this is just the default and the category can be changed on a per purchase basis.

The categories are completely customisable, the first 17 are already set to give you something to start with. You can enter up to 34 categories in total, click on the ‘Modify Categories’ button to create your own set. Categories can also be altered by clicking the circular arrow button to the left of the ‘Category’ field on the main suppliers page.

IMPORTANT: It is worth giving a lot of thought to your purchase categories before entering lots of purchases especially if you want them in a particular order since changing the order in the list would also involve manually swapping the names on any existing purchases set to those category numbers.

Setup Date: The date you opened your account with, or first ordered from, this supplier. If you wish to change the date click on the small calendar icon to the right of the date and select from the calendar or alternatively just type the date in directly.

Note: When changing the month or year on the calendar make sure you follow this by clicking on a day even if the correct day is highlighted otherwise the date in the date field won’t change.

Address: The supplier's primary office or trading address.

Telephone: The main office reception number.

Web Site: The Company's primary web site address.

Primary Contact Details: The contact details of the person you usually deal with (you can add further contacts for this supplier later).

Mailing List: Default is 'Yes' but if you have multiple contacts for a particular supplier you might not want all of them to receive mail when sending bulk mailings. So if you don't want this particular contact to receive general mailings set 'Mailing List' to 'No' by clicking on the blue circle.

When all details have been entered click 'Continue' to confirm, otherwise 'Cancel'.

Note: Supplier details can be modified directly at any time but the supplier record itself can't be deleted.

Supplier's Payment Details...

Account Number: You will have already entered this on the previous page.

Usual Method of Payment: The way you usually pay for the goods/services from this supplier.

Cheques Payable To: If you pay them by cheque who do you need to make the cheque out to ?

Bank Details: If you pay directly into their bank account enter their account details here, otherwise leave blank.

Other Payment Details: Any other relevant information.

Click 'Finish' to confirm, you'll be taken back to the main supplier page.

instantAdmin allows each supplier to have multiple contacts associated with them. If you have additional contacts for this supplier click the 'Add NEW Contact' button to enter their details. You can then select the relevant contact for the supplier from the 'Select Contact' pop-up menu.

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