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We'll explain the invoices section but much of the following also applies to the quotes section.

To find a particular invoice first find the relevant client in the 'Clients / Sales' section.

Now click the 'List / View Invoices' button: All invoices for that client will be listed with the most recent at the top.

From here you can find, list and sort in a variety of ways. See the 'Invoice List View' section below for more details.

Click on one of the listed invoices to view the full invoice.


The invoice full page view allows you to do the following relating to the currently viewed invoice...

INVOICE NOTES: You can enter any notes relating to this particular invoice by clicking the 'Invoice Notes' button. In the notes area click 'Date Note' to enter today's date, this is useful for logging any conversations you have with this client in relation to payments etc. Click 'Finish' when done.

Tip: You can enter the current date or time into any text box throughout instantAdmin using the 'Insert' menu in the main menu bar at the top of the screen.

ARROW BUTTONS: These allow you to go through each invoice in the current found set one by one or a few at a time forwards or backwards.

FOUND SET: The number in the top right of the layout indicates the number of invoices in the current found set.

FIND ALL: Indicates the total number of invoices for all clients combined; click on this button to make the found set include all of these invoices.

EDIT INVOICE: Allows you to Edit the invoice in a variety of self explanatory ways including Deleting it entirely. Click 'FINISH' when done.

NEW INVOICE: This creates a new invoice for the same client as the one detailed in the currently viewed invoice. To create a new invoice for a different client go 'Back' to the main 'Client / Sales' section and find the relevant client then select 'New Invoice' from there.

PRINT INVOICE: Prints the currently selected invoice.

DUPLICATE INVOICE: This duplicates the currently viewed invoice for the same client but with a new invoice number and date. This is useful if you bill a particular client for the same or similar work on a regular basis.

SHOW RELATED QUOTE: If the currently viewed invoice was originally created from a quote then you are taken to the quotes section and this related quote is found for you. (From there you can choose 'Find Related Invoice' to get back again)


To record a payment:

First find the relevant invoice then select the 'ENTER / View PAYMENT/s Received button.

If the payment covers the invoice in full simply click 'Paid In Full' button to the right of the invoice.

If the payment is a part payment then simply enter the amount, date, payment method and ID into the 'Payments Received' box.

The 'Payment ID' field is intended for cheque numbers, bank references and such like.

To delete a payment line click the 'x' button to the left of the relevant line.

Click 'FINISH / Back' when done.


The following deals with invoices but most of it also applies to quotes...

LISTING ALL INVOICES: To list all invoices for all clients simply select the 'List All' button, this button displays the total number of invoices for all clients combined.

FINDING A DATE RANGE: Use the 'Date Range' button to reduce the current list of invoices to those that fall within a given date range. Select the date to the left of the button and use the calendar (small icon to the right of the date) or manually type the earliest date to search for. Do the same for the latest date to search for on the right hand side of the button. Click the 'Date Range' button to perform the find.

Note: When changing the month or year on the calendar make sure you follow this by clicking on a day even if the correct day is highlighted otherwise the date in the date field won’t change.

Note: To find ALL invoices for ALL clients that fall within a given date range click the 'List All' button before clicking the 'Date Range' button.

LISTING OVERDUE INVOICES: To view ALL overdue invoices for ALL clients click the 'Find All Overdue' button at the top.

PRINTING LISTS: Just click the 'Print' button. Note: If you print out lists that run onto multiple pieces of paper the totals on the top are totals for the entire list not the total for items listed on that particular piece of paper.

SORTING LISTS: A list can be sorted by Client, Date, Invoice Number, Total Amount, Amount Outstanding or Invoice Status. Just click the relevant 'Sort' button in the headings bar.

VIEWING INVOICES: To view a particular invoice simply select it from the list.

Click 'Back' to return to the main Client / Sales page.


The only differences between the quotes list view and the sales invoice list view (above) are:

The ‘Chase Quotes’ button; this finds all quotes with a Status of 'Not Sent Yet' or 'Sent - Waiting'.

The Chase Quotes - 'Accepted' button; this finds all quotes with a Status of 'Accepted'.

The Chase Quotes - 'Completed' button; this finds all quotes with a Status of 'Completed'.

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