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The ideas section is a database of notes for ideas, to-do’s and other random thoughts on any subject. They are created with user definable categories making them quick to enter and quick to find.

Creating Notes

Click the 'New Note' button: Now select a category from the drop down category list. Now enter your text in the text box. Click 'Finish' when done.

Modifying Categories

You can add new categories and delete or modify existing ones by clicking on the 'Modify Categories' button. Click 'New Category' to add a completely new category or click the circular 'x' button if you want to delete a particular category. Click 'Finish' when done.

Viewing Notes

You can browse the notes in the current found set one by one using the arrow buttons. To browse all existing notes click the 'Find All' button which indicates the total number of notes.

Finding Notes

Click the 'Find Note/s' button.

Select a category from the drop down category list and then click 'Find Now' to find all notes in that category, you can then browse through them one by one using the arrow buttons.

Or, you can just enter the word/s you wish to find in the text box and then click 'Find Now'. This finds all notes in any category containing those words.

Or, you can use a combination of the two for more specific searches.

Deleting or Printing Notes

You can Delete or Print a note by clicking the relevant button.

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