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The settings section allows you to change your business details...

Company Details: Use this page to change your name or your company’s name. These details are used when creating any new documents; invoices, letters etc. Note: If you change your business name you will need to get a new activation code from us. This will be supplied free of charge but you can only change the company name once. Click on the 'Modify' button to change your business name and follow the name change instructions.

Financial Year:
Note: You don’t need to change this date each year, only the day and month are used from your original start date to set the twelve month financial year span regardless of what the year is.

It is unlikely that you would ever need to use this page; you would only need to use it if you had changed the start/end months of your financial year; from Oct - Sep to Jan - Dec for example.

If you have decided to change your financial year start/end months, for whatever reason, then just enter the first day of your new financial year and instantAdmin will adjust everything accordingly.

Note: Once changed all previous years in the overview section will also be calculated using this new financial year so you'll need to refer to previous printed records/tax returns for the actual figures used previously. Alternatively, since instantAdmin calculates everything on-the-fly, you could temporarily change the date back to the original date then look at previous years before resetting it again.

Payment: Select the currency you wish to work in and your default payment terms. These payment details will be printed on sales invoices and quotes by default when a new one is created - adjust as necessary. Note: You can only work in one currency at a time; you can't mix them.

Sales Tax: This page allows you to modify your sales tax settings for your State / County / City. These are used as the default settings. You can then modify which taxes actually apply on a per client and per invoice basis.

instantAdmin: This page shows your Serial Number and Activation Code along with the version number of the software.

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