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Before creating your first invoice you’ll need to customize the layout with your company’s details if you haven’t already done so. See ‘Customising Documents with Graphics and Text’.

Note: If you've already created a quote for the work/items you want to bill for you don't need to create an invoice from scratch, simply find the relevant quote and click the 'Convert to Invoice' button.

If there are no existing quotes for the work/items...

First find the client you wish to Invoice (see 'Finding, Browsing and Grouping Clients' for more details).

Click the 'New Invoice' button. Invoice numbers are modifiable and will be automatically set to the next highest number available. If you modify the invoice number instantAdmin will tell you if the number is already being used by an existing invoice.

If you wish to change the date on the Invoice click on the small calendar icon to the right of the date and select from the calendar or alternatively just type the date in directly.

Note: When changing the month or year on the calendar make sure you follow this by clicking on a day even if the correct day is highlighted otherwise the date in the date field won’t change.

The Sales Invoices and Sales Quotes sections share the same user definable price list. The triangles next to each item description allow you to select from your own price list. To setup your price list click the 'Edit Price List' button to the right of the page.

Click the 'New Item / Service' button; a new line appears at the bottom of the page.

Now enter a description and price e.g. If you offer a design service for which you charge $50 per hour you might enter "Design and Development" and "50", or for products and materials you would enter the item's description and the unit price.

The 'Default Quantity' will be set to "1" as you will always be billing for at least one of something, this can be changed if you have a minimum order quantity greater than one for any particular item. The actual quantity to bill for is then changed on the Invoice itself for each item.

To delete an item from the price list click on the circular 'x' button to the right of the relevant line.

Click the 'FINISH' button to go back to the invoice. The added items can now be selected from the drop down menu by clicking on the triangles for each line.

Some jobs will require individual descriptions that you won't want to add to the price list. In this case just type directly into the relevant line on the invoice. Note: If you need to enter descriptions that are more than one line long you would need to use several lines putting one line of text in each to form a longer description.

Each Invoice allows for twenty lines/items. If you need more than this you will either need to split the invoice into separate ones and group products and services accordingly or you could use the invoice as a summary of prices and then give a breakdown on additional sheets using the 'Quick Letter' feature.

To give a discount as a percentage simply select from the menu on the control panel to the right. The discount will then be calculated and listed under the subtotal on the invoice.

The Sales Tax rate can be changed in the same way if required.

Select Credit Given: To change the payment terms from the default (the default can be modified in the 'Settings' section) select from the menu on the control panel to the right. The terms will then be modified accordingly on the Invoice itself.

Mark as PrePaid: If you've been paid in advance for the whole Invoice click the 'Mark as PrePaid' button on the control panel to the right. The invoice is modified accordingly.

Any additional information can be entered in the box at the bottom of the invoice or the existing default text modified as required. ( You can change the default text that appears in this box using the ‘Customise Layout’ button )

You can now print the invoice: Click the 'PRINT and Save Invoice' button on the control panel to the right. ( If you don't want to print the invoice now then choose 'Save ( Print Later )' instead )

All invoices are designed to be used with windowed envelopes so you don't need to print an envelope separately.

Click 'PRINT' when your printer's ready.

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